Welcome to Turf Analytics, where our main goal is to bring more excitement and joy to horse racing enthusiasts.

With the increasing availability of data on horse races, mostly via the Internet, the big problem now facing many punters is how to quickly assess and sort out relevant information in order to make betting decisions. Inefficient use of information or inability to make a decision in a timely manner would inevitably mean taking more betting risks and incurring financial losses in the long run.

Our betting guide and sophisticated pace and handicapping models for horse racing analysis can give you an edge!
Turf Analytics use sophisticated pace and handicapping models for horse racing analysis.

Our Vision

Here at Turf Analytics, we will strive to enhance your horse racing and winning experience by providing you with more useful and user-friendly horse racing betting guide tools and information. Less time spent studying the racing forms in the old fashion way means more time for you to enjoy the races with people you love.

Turf Analytics has some innovative horse racing analysis projects under way, for example, the use of 3d animation tools for visualisation and analysis of races dynamics to get better insight in horses’ past performances and future capabilities

While our analysis and betting guide tools currently focus on Singapore and Australia races, our goal is to extend our coverage to over race tracks around the world, e.g. US, Hong Kong, UK, France, Mauritius, in a near future.

Since our prime focus is the interests and needs of our members, we invite you to be part of the journey towards our vision. You can get started now by joining us using our Free Registration form and start sharing our passion.